What's Hellerwork got to do with it?

"Stand up straight! Suck in your stomach! Sit up!" Sound familiar? No matter how hard we try, the slouch returns with a squirm of discomfort.

How about after a few hours at the computer? Your hands are turning to lead, your back stiffens, or after a few months, numbness in the hands, neck and back pain or the diagnosis of the dreaded "Carpal Tunnel Syndrome."

These are just some of the things that can shape our bodies, over time, as we wrestle with the forces of gravity and stress.

Can our bodies change?

Is it possible to work, play and perform our best with comfort and ease? Before I had a series of Hellerwork sessions, I had no idea how much my body could change. I thought I had to "grin and bear it" or go out for a run to work it off. I had no idea that it would help me surf better, play saxophone better or speak in front of groups with more confidence So what is Hellerwork and how can it help us look better, feel better and perform our best?

Hellerwork is recognized as on of the most gentle and effective forms of structural bodywork and movement re-education for correcting posture and releasing chronic tension, stress and pain. It can be broken down into three major categories:

  1. Releasing tension, stress and pain in the soft tissues of the body.
  2. Re-aligning the body to reduce the stress of gravity.
  3. Re-educating the body and our awareness to reduce tension and stress for more efficient performance.

When we are experiencing tension, stress and pain we are usually holding or tightening muscles in our bodies. Quite often our breathing, posture and movement are restricted. Over time, these patterns of tension, stress and pain get stuck in our bodies, primarily in the fascia. Fascia is a white fibrous connective tissue that is ideally very fluid, flexible, and elastic, which allows a full range of motion. It can become stiff and rigid leading to restricted movement with patterns of tension, stress and repetitive motion. Fascia also becomes rigid to support areas where muscles are in spasm over long periods of time and in areas that have been injured or traumatized. The great thing about fascia is that no matter how tight or restricted it gets it is a plastic medium. It can be stretched and manipulated back to its resilient and flexible condition. A Hellerworker releases tension and stress in the fascia with a gentle and skilled touch. This release of tension, stress and pain often results in increased energy with a new freedom of movement.

Posture and alignment are defined by how we move in, and adapt to living in, the field of gravity. A Hellerworker analyzes posture and alignment in standing, sitting and in motion with all of the clients' activities. He or she then works to release tension and stress in a way that realigns the posture and restores balanced, comfortable movement in our field of gravity.

Through releasing tension, stress and pain and realigning their posture, the client is already becoming aware of how they move. A skilled Hellerworker guides the client in discovering how their emotions and attitudes can play a role in shaping their bodies and movement patterns. Clients become aware of how they can change stressful posture, movement patterns, emotions and attitudes to more relaxed, productive and efficient habits. Stress, emotions and attitudes can then become energies that can be dealt with in a more positive and productive manner.

As their posture improves and decompresses, Hellerwork clients often hear from family and friends that they look better, taller and even like they have lost weight. When flexibility is restored, clients report that they feel better and have more energy. We perform better when we learn how to deal with stress in more efficient and productive ways.

Look Better, Feel Better And Perform Your Best
With the Body You Have!