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Gentle and Effective Bodywork
Hellerwork is recognized as one of the most gentle and effective forms of structural bodywork and movement re-education for correcting posture and releasing chronic tension, stress and pain. Discussion is used to help the client become aware of how our movement habits, emotions and attitudes can effect our levels of tension and stress and actually shape our bodies. Clients learn how to move through their daily activities in more comfortable and efficient ways.

The Role of Fascia
Hellerwork consists of a series of 1 to 1-1/2 hour sessions of structural bodywork and movement re-education. The number of sessions may vary from person to person due to their varying needs. The practitioner works to loosen and balance the fascia from surface layers to the deeper layers. The fascia system of our body can be seen as a multi-layer body stocking, with fascial sheaths wrapping the muscles and weaving in layers throughout the body. Fascia in its ideal state is very fluid and allows us to feel flexible and resilient in our daily activities. Under the continual stress of misguided habits of movement and posture, accumulations of injuries, and disease our fascia can become stiff and rigid. This can lead to a loss of comfort, energy and range of motion. This restriction in fascia is often what we refer to as aging.
The Hellerwork Practitioner assesses the client's posture and movement patterns. Our posture and movement patterns often indicate how injuries, pain, chronic tension and stress have impacted us. With a highly skilled touch, the practitioner works with the client to release these old patterns from the body. The practitioner assists the client in developing more efficient and relaxed movement patterns.

Breath and Relaxation
One of the unique aspects of Hellerwork is in the way we work with the client to breathe, relax and let go as we restore the fascia to it's fluid and resilient state. The manipulation of the soft tissue (fascia) is always within the comfort level of the client. Clients are often surprised at how much tension they are holding without being aware of it. They are equally surprised that they are capable of learning how to release the tension, breathe and relax on a very deep level from head to toe. The nature of Hellerwork is to create lasting change much like getting an owners manual for your body. Many clients return for tune-ups because it feels good and they like the results.

Emotions and Psychology
Emotions, attitudes, beliefs and psychological symptoms get literally stuck in our bodies. Hellerwork can be an important adjunct to therapy. As we release tension in the body caused by stress, anxiety, depression or grief... people learn how to change the way the react to these emotions. Therapists find it much easier to make rapid and profound progress when their clients are receiving Hellerwork.

Expect Great Results
Hellerwork clients report improvement in posture and body shape, greater flexibility, and reduced tension and pain. Many clients report a more youthful appearance, improved athletic performance, and enhanced body awareness. It is also common for friends and family to think you have lost weight (even when you have not lost a pound.) Nearly all clients feel that a Hellerwork series results in increased vitality and energy, and in greater fitness of body and mind.

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