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What People Say About Tom's Work

Here are some reflections by clients about their experience with my application of Hellerwork. I hope  to share the good changes Hellerwork can make with you, too!


"I have tried every type of therapy imaginable to relieve crippling pain for herniated discs in my neck and back. Hellerwork is the only one that has worked for me. Tom is a miracle worker. He has literally saved my neck!"

Bradley Kramer

Personal Injury Attorney


"Tom really knows his stuff. I go to see him whenever something in my body starts acting up. He’s treated me for multiple sport related injuries and has helped me stay relatively pain free from chronic shoulder problems that I’ve had for years. A session with Tom isn’t like going to a massage therapist where you feel good for a few hours but the next day the muscles are tense again, after Tom works on me I feel like a reset button has been pressed. He always knows how to get to the root of what’s causing me discomfort and his treatment really lasts. I can honestly say that every time I’ve seen him it has been a huge help. Thank you Tom."

Rafael Shachory


Tom is an extraordinary bodywork practitioner and teacher. He has helped me relieve neck and back pain as well as improving my posture. Tom’s holistic approach includes teaching you yogic breathing techniques and how to sit at work in a healthy position.


Tom’s sessions go beyond pain relief and blockages from injuries and disease, they’re a clinic on how to take care of your body and lead a healthy lifestyle at any age. He’s a Hellerwork master, an insightful teacher with an authentic personality.


Randy Lane

Media Consultant and Talent Coach

The Randy Lane Company

a huge help. Thank you Tom."



"As a professional stuntman my body is extremely important and Hellerwork has helped me to become more agile, increased my flexibility and greatly enhanced my overall performance. I have had less injuries and faster recovery times.

It is Tom's skill and knowledge that has kept me performing at a high level over the past ten years. I can't thank you enough!"

Richard Burden
Stuntman/Stunt Coordinator


"Dear Tom, I wanted to thank you. For several months I have had a sharp pain in the back on the left side. The pain was coming and going, especially when I was in bed, ready to go to sleep. When I was doing Yoga I also had problems with my feet, especially when I was bending my toes. I was getting cramps in the lower part of the legs. I had been treated by my chiropractor, but the pain was coming back.

Only after a few treatments with you, finally I felt a lasting improvement. I had four sessions with you and since then I no longer feel the sharp pain in my back (you told me was due to a nerve squeezed by my vertebrae) and now I can bend my toes without problems. I have no words to express my gratitude and my relief. You are also helping me with my posture. I am now more aware of how I carry myself and I notice that I do not have as much tension as before on my shoulders and in the neck.

Thank you!"

Maria Giribaldi
Pali High and Santa Monica College


"Tom Marshall is terrific. After years of chronic neck pain and trying both chiropractic adjustments and acupuncture with little relief, I'm feeling fantastic! In addition, Tom sped up my recovery following a hip replacement.

His ability to return your body to its proper alignment combined with his "magic hands," have left me with both increased vitality and flexibility. Tom takes the entire process a step further, by educating his clients in the optimal sitting and standing postures to avoid further injury. I would recommend Tom Marshall to anyone in pain or desiring to reach their full potential.

Thanks, Tom, for returning me to health."

Tom Smart
Police Lieutenant


"I first met Tom when I was in debilitating back pain which was associated with dererioration of the hip joints. When I decided to pursue hip replacement surgery, Tom worked with the fascia to support the surgery and speed the healing afterward. Working with Tom after surgery made it possible to continue my yoga practice, to my great joy, and to the surprise of my surgeon. Presently we are working on maintaining my balance so I can continue to avoid the falls often associated with ageing. Tom is a lifesaver. I am forever grateful to have found Tom, a therapist who supports my active lifestyle.

Sylvia Auerbach

Retired Speech and Language Pathologist


"Tom's expertise in Hellerwork brought me relief from chronic pain that could not be relieved through traditional physical therapy. When I first hobbled into Tom's office my headaches, foot and knee pain were so bad I was not able to play golf or make it up and down the stairs at work.

Since I have been working with Tom my overall physical condition has improved to the point where I play golf regularly, I have no trouble with the stairs at work, I rarely have headaches and I am even going to yoga three times a week."

Diane Salerno
Thousand Oaks, CA


"After three months of therapy prescribed by one of the best physicians in the country, I was still having problems with my knees and still unable to run. One visit to Tom finally led to a gait evaluation and the correction that I had been looking for. After a few sessions with Tom, I am back to competing in the NCAA Division 1 level and I am finally injury free. Tom's patience and persistence has given me the confidence and tools so that my body won't break down, which has led to one of my best Cross Country seasons ever!"

Andrew Thompson
Cross Country and Track
Loyola Marymount University





"Since the COVID-19 lockdown, I’ve been suffering from tight neck, shoulders and back pain. As a local real estate professional, I work on the computer a lot and am in the field showing homes and in my car. Now that Tom’s office is open again, he gave me a treatment loosening up my muscles and fascia.

No more pain!

I feel happy and my back and neck are relaxed. I highly recommend Tom because of his professionalism, many years of experience and his skill in knowing how to release the tension in my body easily and effortlessly."

Andrea Harlan
Real Estate Professional

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