Hellerwork Structural Integration

Tom Marshall, your advanced bodywork practitioner

I’m here to free you from tension, stress and pain, and improve your posture and flexibility. Experience the relief. Learn skills that last a lifetime. I’m here to help you feel great and do more of what you love to do!

I use a bodywork technique called Hellerwork Structural and Movement Integration which uses hands-on pressure to your fascia to restore balance and movement in your body, where it is needed. Why? When you are free to move, anything is possible and you just enjoy life more.

Hellerwork had a dramatic impact on my life, so much so that I became a Hellerwork practitioner. Since 1985 I’ve been empowering my clients, to look better, feel better and perform their best.

Do what you love to do and feel great!


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Find out how Hellerwork can help you achieve better health, comfort, and performance.

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Discover more information about Joseph Heller, the Hellerwork Client Handbook, fascia research, Ida Rolf, Ph.D. and Rolfing.

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Learn how Tom’s Hellerwork Structural Integration has helped them look better, feel better, and perform their best.

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Details About HELLERWORK

Realign the body and release chronic tension and stress Joseph Heller started his professional life as an aerospace engineer, working at Nasa’s Jet Propulsion

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