Finding your standing balance is first step to finding efficient, and comfortable walking and running alignment. Here is a draft video of an initial consultation with Randy Lane, where I analyze his posture–his skeletal alignment and some of his old habits–before helping him find a more relaxed and efficient way to carry himself.

We all tend to walk and run with the posture or alignment we stand in. Most of us would be surprised by a picture of our side view. Now imagine how walking or running in that alignment might even look or feel painful.

In this video Randy discovers that his old habit of locking his knees brings his hips forward, his shoulders back and his head further forward. When I push down on his shoulders in his old posture he reacts with tension to keep from collapsing. If he were to walk or run in this alignment it would feel and look awkward. Over time it could cause pain and lead to joint damage.

You will notice that he looks better in standing balance. He says “my feet feel more planted.” I can push down on his shoulders with his skeletal structure aligned with gravity and he feels solid. He does not have to strain to hold himself up. He can relax in this alignment standing, walking or running.

The hands on work, on your fascia balances and aligns your body for more efficient movement walking and running. It helps you to be more comfortable, have more fun and perform your best. Oh yeah, and did I mention you look like you have lost weight?

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