This chair has a key ingredient–forward tilt.

20 years ago, most office chair companies offered several fully adjustable ergonomic chairs at every price point. If they did not offer them on the showroom floor you could find them in their catalogues.  Now every chair company calls their chair “ergonomic” but sadly, almost all are missing the most important feature… In the last few years, I have bought and assembled 3 chairs that promised ergonomic seats with forward tilt. None of them tilted forward more that a degree or two. I sent them all back. This is the only chair that I have found with a fully functional forward tilt seat that can recline and more… 

The 4 reasons I like this chair:

  1. The forward tilting seat (7- 9 degrees) is essential for relief of tension in the back and neck with keyboard intensive activities.
  2. Not only is this an inexpensive chair, even the most popular expensive chairs do not have a fully adjustable (you can lock it at any angle) forward tilting seat.
  3. Neutral seat and back curves are comfortable for a wider variety of people and body types.
  4. This chair also can be adjusted to tilt forward when you sit up and recline when you lean back or put your feet up and talk on the phone or even nap if you order the headrest…

Please note:

Office Star makes many chairs that you might like better. The only ones that I have found that have the fully functional forward tilting seat are designated by the term “multifunction…and forward tilt for keyboard intensive activities.

If your posture is bad enough to cause you tension or pain, especially in your neck or back, you may need to address posture, flexibility, and ergonomics with your local Hellerwork Practitioner to help you relax, balance and be comfortable in a forward tilting chair.

There is no single chair that everyone will like. For tips on how to get the most out of an ergonomic chair please see my Ergonomics 101 Blog or YouTube.

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