The Road to Pain is Paved with Good Intentions…Let’s shed some light on it.

You just found the perfect chair for your office. You can relax back into it feels great. The next day at work you get busy and you start sitting up straight and leaning into the monitor and before you know it, you are feeling the same tension and pain you had with your old chair…

In this initial meeting with James, sitting and computer ergonomics seem to be the main cause of his nagging tension and pain. It is the perfect time to start introducing him to some new ways to think about balance and comfort when we he is busy at work. I am showing James how to find balance and relax in an upright working position along with some quick fixes for bad chairs. The quick fixes are temporary short term solutions and not something you want to do all day.

Most of us do not realize we are holding tension while we work until things start to hurt. Clients tend to find me when their pain has become chronic and everything else they have tried has not worked. Getting you out of tension, stress and pain and giving you the skills (not pills) to work with more efficiency and comfort is what I do.

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