The Road to Pain is Paved with Good Intentions…. Let’s shed some light on it.

How you use your keyboard, mouse and monitor can lead to chronic pain or even surgery! While there is a time and place for surgery…Please don’t get surgery until you talk to me, especially if it is related to computer ergonomics.

There a simple adjustments you can make to the position of your Keyboard, mouse and monitor that can alleviate most of your tension and pain.

In the video with James the first thing we help him is the keyboard position. You will notice that it does not matter where you are or how high or low your keyboard is as long as your hand is in line with your forearm. The main problem that comes bending your hands up at the wrist is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. It can also cause tension and lead to tendonitis in the elbow or hands in some cases. The whole idea is finding the position where your hands, arms and shoulders can stay relaxed.

On straight keyboards or Laptops there is a tendency to bend the hands to the outside creating tension in muscles on the side of the arms. This also can lead to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. There are some tricks for dealing with this but the best solution is to get a ergonomic keyboard. The curve in the keys helps keep the hands relaxed and lined up with the forearms.

Keeping your wrist neutral on you mouse or track pad is the same as the keyboard. Keep your hands in line with your forearms. If your hand bend up to your mouse try putting a hacky sack under your wrist to keep your arm neutral an relaxed. If you are on your mouse most of the time move your keyboard to your left and your closer to center to reduce tension and pain in the back of the shoulder.

The monitor is easy. Keep the center of the monitor at eye level. Unless of course you wear bifocals then the monitor will be lower. You want your head to be balancing relaxed on top of your shoulders. If you have a laptop get a wireless keyboard and mouse so you can put your laptop on a box to get it at eye level.

I could go on and on… Remember the goal is to be relaxed and comfortable at work and home. Be creative! Have fun!

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