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Hellerwork Explained

A beginners guide to Hellerwork

No matter how old you are, your body has been adapting to tension, stress, pain, emotions and injuries. As long as your body heals and responds without much effort, and you can get back to work and the activities you enjoy, you don’t give it much thought. Over time you either work harder to overcome tension, stress and pain or you say “I must be getting too old for that, I’m just not as flexible as I used to be, I’m not as strong as I was a few years ago or Computers and Phones are wrecking my posture…” Maybe you have tried Yoga or Pilates but just feel stuck or can’t find enough hours in the day to make progress. So what is limiting you and slowly restricting your activities? Your fascia! Fascia is often overlooked and underrated. It is a fibrous network that connects everything in the body. Blood vessels and nerves and muscles flow through it. Tendons and ligaments are made of it. Fat cells are suspended in it…

Hellerwork is a hands on therapy that restores flexibility to your fascia. The goal is to improve your posture, flexibility, balance and performance in all of your activities. What’s different about it? First you have the comfort and freedom to move. Second you learn the difference between your habits that have kept you stuck in your old patterns (tension, stress and pain) and the choice to move with balance and ease consistently helping you look better, feel better and perform your best.

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