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Improve Your Posture & Flexibility

Without pulling your shoulders back & down, holding your stomach tight, and straining every muscle in your body.

With the best of intentions our parents and teachers told us to “sit up, stand up straight, tighten your tummy muscles and tuck your tail under!” or these days the more popular command “stabilize your core!”. All that muscular tension as you fight with gravity causes pain. Eventually the fascia around your muscles and joints becomes stiff and rigid to hold you up so your muscles don’t have to work so hard.

Whether you are sitting, standing, trying to do any sport, work at your computer, or you are addicted to your cell phone or just washing dishes, if you are not aligned with gravity and relaxed in your daily activities muscles are stressed and your fascia will start getting stiff and rigid to support you so your muscles don’t have to work so hard. That kind of tension and stress can lead to debilitating pain

I will talk more about activities that require movement in your session. In the mean time think about great athletes or dancers …

The good news is movement and flexibility in your fascia can be restored. Your posture can improve. You can learn to do your activities with more comfort and with new and better habits. Why bother you ask? I don’t know about you, but I always have more fun when I feel better.

Before I start to work on your fascia, we look at your posture, range of motion and how you move. We will discuss any problems or discomfort you are having. As we do the hands-on work to improve your posture and movement, we will discuss any changes that can make good posture something that is easier and more relaxed so you can feel better and have more fun.

Would you like to be able to sit, stand, walk, work, and play with good posture, relaxed and breathing free, with more energy?

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