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Performing Your Best

Wow! Do more of what you love and feel great

Have you ever wondered why some of the best athletes, musicians, actors, and successful people in general, seem to make it look effortless, easy, and fun? Just think about the best days you have had, or the times you have had the most fun…Were you uptight, stressed, trying too hard and straining for perfection? Whether I was running, surfing, playing music, working, or speaking in front of people I always wondered why I had good days or bad days and did not seem to have much control over it. And try as I might, the harder I tried, the worse things would get.

Going through the Hellerwork series I started to learn about my favorite places to hold tension and stress. Parts of my body that I never even thought about. First, I was learning where I tended to hold tension and second that I could relax there. I was learning the importance of how to be relaxed and balanced in the field of gravity.

I was always athletic and had good balance but did not always know what to do if I was having a bad day and not performing my best. Through the Hellerwork series I started to recognize exactly what I was doing that was not working. For example, when you are out of balance with gravity you are using more muscle tension to hold yourself up. Over time your fascia becomes stiff and rigid to hold you up so your muscles do not have to work so hard. This can lead to more tension, stress, and pain. Applying these principals to movement from walking to computer ergonomic, to sports, to music and dance… is more complicated. But that is where it gets fun!

My Hellerwork sessions were affecting many areas of my life. My musician friends noticed I was performing more consistently and started calling me for more work. The managers at the restaurant where I worked noticed that I was handling all the toughest customers with ease, so they started sending all the cranky customers my way. I was running with even better endurance and less wear and tear on my joints and less pain in my back and knees. Not that I don’t have bad moments, stress or catch myself slouching at the computer or get my buttons pushed… but now I have the tools and skills to change any activity to a better performance.

Do you want to learn what you can do to perform your best and have more fun?


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